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Terms of Use of HaftNadruk.pl

Due to technological innovations and changes to the existing legal framework, these Terms of Use must be changed and / or modified once in a while. We therefore ask our users to review these Terms of Use each time they visit this site, and to take account of any changes and / or corrections.


This web page has been made available by Milka Kamila Musiał company with its registered office in ul. Kisielewskiego 62, Częstochowa, Poland. The information provided on this site concerning the Milka company and third parties has been selected with the utmost reliability. However, we can not guarantee the completeness and correctness of this message. The Milka company does not assume any liability for potential content errors. The message concerning forecast included on this website has been made to the best of our knowledge. However, the Milka’s company actual results may differ from the above mentioned forecasts, as they are contingent on many competitive and macroeconomic factors that, in individual cases, are beyond the control of the Milka company.

Without prejudice to any legal obligation to change statements with forward-looking statements, the Milka company does not intend to update all of the above- Statements contained in this site.By accessing this site you accept without limitation and objections the following Terms of Use, which you can read or print.To use this web site you need to have access to a computer system in a minimum configuration: a computer connected to the Internet using web browsers.Use of this site may be terminated at any time.The content of this website, subject to possible exceptions expressly indicated, is for information purposes only and does not constitute, within the meaning of the Civil Code, the offer of the Milka company’s products or services.

General Terms of Use for Web Presentation


Information placed on our website (content, structure) is protected by copyright. It is especially forbidden to duplicate, translate, store or convert to other electronic media. Copying and use (also in fragments), reproduction of information or data, in particular the use of texts, text fragments, graphics or any other use or distribution, requires Milka company’s prior written consent.

The right to publication and duplication is exclusive to Milka Company’s, subject to the exceptions referred to above. The Milka company’s photographic materials, which for editorial purposes are reproduced and / or electronically distributed to third parties, must bear the following mark: “Copyright Milka Kamila Musiał, All Rights Reserved”. The same term refers to Milka’s press release bearing the aforementioned reservation.


The HaftNadruk logo and all product names and / or their images appearing on hereby pages are registered trademarks of the Milka  company or their licensors. Any unauthorized use or violation of these marks is prohibited and is a violation of industrial property rights, copyrights, other intellectual property or unfair competition laws.

3.Disclaimer of Milka’s company for content posted on third party websites:

a) The Milka company’s websites have linksto third party websites (so called Hyperlinks) whose content is not fully known to the Milka company. The Milka company mediates access to these sites, but does not assume any responsibility for their content. Our links to third-party websites are meant to facilitate navigation. We do not identify with statements posted on linked pages. In particular, we are not liable for any law infringement or third party rights on these websites.

b) The owner of websites to which there are hyperlinks on the Milka’s website is solely responsible for the content of his site, as well as for the products offered there and for the execution of the orders.

c) Milka is not responsible for any infringements of copyrights, trademarks or personal rights on this site.

d) In the case of an order, an agreement is entered into between the user and the website owner or the offeror represented therein, but in no case shall the agreement be entered into between the Milka and the user. Please note the general trade terms and conditions of the respective offeror on the associated website.

e) This reservation applies to all links displayed on the haftnadruk.pl website and the content of the web pages to which the user is redirected by such links.


All liability of Milka for any harms resulting from the use of this site, regardless of the legal cause, including tort, is limited to damage caused by intentional or gross negligence. To the extent that there is a mandatory liability of Milka due to breach of material contractual obligations, the overall amount of any claim for harms is limited to compensation for actual damages. This does not affect Milka’s liability under product liability or warranty and consumer liability. The above liability limitations also do not apply to the loss of a person’s life or health or personal injury. Milka is making great efforts to keep the websites free of viruses, but we cannot guarantee their complete absence. For this reason, we recommend taking precautions to ensure adequate protection against viruses (such as the use of virus scanners) before downloading documents and data. Milka does not guarantee that the services offered on its websites are free from defects or errors, nor does it guarantee their availability.

5.Forecasts and plans

On the websites, you can find forecasts and plans for the Milka company’s future development, made basing on the best of knowledge and belief. However, the actual results achieved by the company may differ materially from previous forecasts as they are influenced by a whole array of factors related to competition and macroeconomic processes that are beyond the influence of the Milka company. Unless this would result from legal obligations, Milka has no intention or ability to update all the forecasts placed on this website.

6.Milka Company Products

The products / brands presented in the web presentation are examples of the Milka company’s products / brands. However, the company cannot guarantee that the presented product / brand is currently available in Poland.

General provisions

Hereby General Terms of Use are subject to Polish law and shall be interpreted in accordance with this law, regardless to the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, use of which is expressly excluded hereinafter from these General Terms of Use. To the extent permitted by applicable law, any dispute about this web site will be settled in Częstochowa, Poland. In the event that any provision of these Terms of Use is or becomes invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.