We have been working since 2004 in Częstochowa, Poland. Our services are used by many companies and individual customers and their quantity is constantly increasing.
Depending on needs, we print and embroider on various bases and materials using screen printing, tampon printing, transfer, thermal transfer, direct to garment printing (DTG) on t-shirts, sublimation print, computer embroidery.
The knowledge and experience that we possess allows us to meet the demands of today's market. We are honest, responsible and customer's satisfaction is our satisfaction.
Our company is: professional printed advertising, printed t-shirts, working clothing prints, patches, emblems, names and identifiers made using various techniques: screen printing, tampon printing, thermal transfer, direct to garment printing (DTG), computer embroidery, laser cut applications.
Printing and embroidery are our passion. We fulfill wishes in embroidery and overprints. Our motto is "We print and embroider everything and on everything". We have a modern machinery, one-head computer embroidery machines, multi-head computer embroidery machines, cutting plotter, multi-format printing plotter, laser, manual screen printing carousel, automatic screen printing carriage, DTG - direct to garment printers.
We can do a variety of work: computer embroidery on hats, printed patches, embroidery on towels, sleeves print, collar embroidery and many other custom designs. Many years of experience allowed us to specialize in embroidery and printing on ready-made products. Feel free to choose something for yourself!