Lead time

Time is money, and we know that long waiting for realizing your orders does not lead to success. That is why we pay close attention to every task, carefully determining the time needed to finalize it. We do our best to to act quickly, without forgetting the precision that you expect from us.

Everyday, the printing house implements many designs and orders, such as t-shirt printing, emblems, advertising prints, embroidery or laser-cut applications. For years, we have been able to rise to all tasks in a timely manner, thanks to the commitment of the whole team and the reliable organization of our activities.

 We work in a two-shift system, realizing the most urgent orders with express delivery in 24h. Capable and efficient operation is our biggest advantage. Check us out and see if we can really meet even the most demanding expectations!

Deadlines are calculated in working days. We mean every day except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The deadline is counting from the date you send us or accept the correct project.

Some additional printing or embroidery options (such as 3D printing, custom printing, 3D embroidery) increase the order lead time.

If the customer places an order and delivers the project file after 13.00 o’clock (1 p.m.). The deadline will be calculated from the next day.

In case of order with shipping, the order lead time does not include the delivery time.

Direct to garment (DTG) digital printing terms

 Orders for simple DTG digital imprints delivered till 13.00 o’clock (1p.m) will be realized on the same day.


Some printing or embroidery services can be made faster. Express realization service is paid extra.