Thermal transfer printing

Thermal transfer printing is a printing technique that consists of printing patterns or cutting out graphic elements on transfer material. Depending on the technology used, it can be flock, flex, solvent film, sublimation paper. Such pattern is being applied on the clothing using high temperature transfer presses.

Flock and flex foil print is cut on the cutting plotter. Parts of the excess foil are removed manually.

Flock foil is a product that can be described as dense. It is gently curved, so that when printed on the fabric, it gives a 3D effect. It gives you a possibility to create individual prints on your clothing.

Flex foil is flat, but more stretchy and flexible, so it works together with the fabric. It has excellent opacity so that the print is perfectly visible.

On caps and shirts

Flock and Flex foils are used in textile printing. Especially recommended for printing individual designs - that is why it is perfect for preparing sports prints. This method of printing is used by (among others) football clubs to design individual sportswear for athletes.

Quality and finish

In our studio we realize orders for foil printing starting from one piece of clothing. We provide high quality printing and attention to detail. Cutting machines used in HaftNadruk are characterized by the precision of cutting the foil. High durability of the prints is ensured by high-pressure pneumatic transfer belts, which provide adjustable welding area: from presses for caps or sleeves – to the largest measuring 100x80 cm.


Sublimation is one of the technologies available under the transfer technique. It consists in applying the design with a solvent plotter to the transfer paper and then apply it onto the fabric with high temperature. This method allows you to create full color graphics that include tonal transitions. We use this method for light polyester fabrics.

Solvent printing is done using a plotter printing on foil of suitable parameters. It is cut using a cutting plotter and pressed on a thermal transfer press. This solution applies to multi-colored emblems, sponsor logos and company logos. This method is used for both artificial fabrics and cotton.