Computer Embroidery


Embroidery is the noblest art of clothing decoration. It consists in making embroidery designs applied on the textiles. We offer professional embroidery on clothing and textiles. Our offer includes:

  • Patches and emblems
  • Embroidery on clothing and fabrics
  • Embroidery on caps

In our company based in Częstochowa (POLAND) the embroidery is made using multi-head embroidery machines - 4,6 and one-head. We realize embroidery on finished products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleece sweatshirts, towels and we also make industrial embroidery - on patterns.  We offer this type of service while cooperating with manufacturers of clothing, baby carriages, footwear etc.

The advantages of computer embroidery

This type of decoration is characterized by exceptional durability. It is resistant to washing and use. It can be successfully placed on all types of fabrics - including leather, felt and fleece. It is extremely durable - it does not wear out and does not rub while keeping the colors vibrant. Our company uses high quality AMMAN branded threads for embroidery. They guarantee durability during intensive use and color fastness (even if washed at 100 degrees Celsius)

Good design - the basis for expected effect

We encourage you to use our design services to create embroidery designs. This type of dressing requires a lot of experience in designing and taking into account many elements that will lead to the expected effect. For example, determining the density of a thread, the fabric basis and the size of the embroidery are important factors in the design.

Why should you choose our machine embroidery services?

HaftNadruk has many years of experience in creating computer embroidery. We offer you the opportunity to take advantage of the comprehensive offer of creating embroidery - from design to final production of high quality goods.

The advantage of our offer is the fast realization. The entire process of computer embroidery production takes place in our company located in Częstochowa (POLAND).  We create the design, we choose colors, prints and - in case of patches, emblems or name patches - laser cut. We have a full range of color threads. In addition, we offer the possibility of embroidery on large surfaces - on finished products it is up to 45 cm.

The high quality of the orders we make is proven by the fact that in our company we create computer embroidery also on workwear and protective clothing - embroidered clothing, despite being exposed to high washing temperatures, preserves aesthetic qualities.

We also make applications on non-standard places on fabrics - you can order embroidery on sleeves, collars or ties.

In our offer, besides traditional computer embroidery, there is also 3D embroidery, which allows to emphasize the three-dimensional character of application.