Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A few of the most frequently asked questions by our customers

Do we make one piece of print?

We make low cost printing from 1 pc, we have machines adapted for small quantities printing.

Does is wash out? How long will the t-shirt endure?

T-shirt durability depends on its quality. All prints are made according to the manufacturers’ recommendations and the supplies we use are of the highest quality. If you follow the rules of washing and maintenance, you can enjoy your own unique t-shirt for a long time. The durability and quality of printing depends on the type of material we print on. If we choose a product at low price (advertising type) then both durability and quality will not be high.

How big print can we make?

Print size for Direct to garment digital printing (DTG) is 400 x 500 mm. Screen printing, theoretically has no limit, it depends on the size of the templates used, the standard size is up to 400 x 450 mm. Large format printing in screen printing technology is used for larger production. Screen printing technology and transfer screen printing have the ability to print through the seams, printing of 90% of the back surface of the finished product.

How much does it cost to print?

Minimal outlay 1-3 pcs have fixed prices, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the retail price list of prints via email.

The quantity of prints above 3 pcs is valued individually.

The cost of printing is calculated basing on a few data

  • Number of pieces of the same print

This gives us the ability to match the printing technology to your needs to optimize cost.

  • The size of the print and whether its size is the same on all products

Based on this information we are able to calculate consumption of supplies and, in case of resizing, calculate the time and the number of possible matrices.

  • What is the color of the material that will be printed on

The color of the base is important in case of color intensity and design reproduction, and the use of a suitable printing technology

  • Where the imprint should be placed, for example: front of shirt, back, sleeve, hood

The place of printing is important when printing on ready-made products – shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, trousers, etc. In the case of a flat surface such as the back it does not matter, but if the print is to be placed on the sleeve, leg or collar, this lengthens the time and changes the production technology.

  • The number of colors in the design, its color intensity and the technique in which it is prepared.

The intensity of the colors is important both for DTG digital printing (ink consumption setting) and for screen printing (the same amount of reprint in the same place in the same color). The number of colors is important for screen printing – each color requires preparing a separate screen printing matrice.

  • File format in which the project is delivered to us

For each printing technology, you need to prepare graphics in a suitable format e.g.

For screen printing AI, CDR, PDF, PSD scale 1: 1 resolution 300 dpi

DTG digital printing – JPG, PNG (minimum size 800px). For white color printing on dark fabric the file should have a transparent background.

FLOCK AND FLEX prints must be developed in vector software Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw – commonly referred to as curves.

Can I bring my own product to print?

So you can supply our own clothing: shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, shirt, etc.

We print on the products entrusted to us by our customers but please contact us in advance to determine the composition of the material and the ability to match the printing technology.