For you

For individual persons

Our offer is also addressed to individual  persons. Now, with our services, you don’t have to order large quantities of custom printed clothing. We have professional machines that allow you to create limited collections of clothing including printing made on a one piece of the product.

Put on individualism

Thanks to advanced printing technology and computer embroidery, we can offer you the marking of a wide range of clothing – we make prints and embroidery on a high quality:

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Pants
  • Caps
  • Belts
  • Sneakers

Marking of clothing is made starting from one piece of the item. For this purpose we use both imprint and computer embroidery. We make not only patterns based on relatively simple graphics, but we are also able to produce the highest quality prints basing on photographs.

Our projects are distinguished by high wash out resistance. We especially recommend computer embroidery, which is extremely durable and retains full color depth throughout its useful life. It can be used successfully to mark caps, baseball caps, fleece sweatshirts or t-shirts. It works great while applying a small logo, inscription or emblem.

For large designs, including those that are complex and photo-based, we recommend prints made using direct to garment (DTG) printing or thermal transfer printing technology.

You don’t have to choose the right printing technology by yourself – we’ll be happy to help you match your graphic design to the clothing you expect.

Commission your project to the professionals.

Our company has its own design office employing high class specialists. Our experienced graphic designers will prepare for you an appropriate project meeting both technical and aesthetic requirements.

Price for the service depends on:

Amount of embroidery or printing
Size of embroidery or printing
Amount of colors used
The color of the fabric on which the imprint will be made,
Technology used

If you are interested in pricing your planned apparel labeling, please send your project details to: