For Enterprises

For Enterprises

We encourage you to use our printing and computer embroidery offer addressed to companies and advertising agencies.

We are a company that has a versatile machinery enabling screen printing, thermal transfer printing and direct to garment printing (DTG). We also realize orders concerning computer embroidery – also in 3D technology.

We specialize in printing and embroidery on clothing and textiles. We work with high quality materials, including: T-shirts, trousers, fleece sweatshirts, towels and caps.

We create projects tailored to the customer’s visual policy, our products enable identification of employees and support the branding of the company. We prepare accurate projects that reflect even the most complex graphic details.

Our strengths are:

  • Precision of printing and embroidery
  • High quality of used products
  • Correct color mapping,
  • Short lead times
  • Order volume flexibility – production starts from 1 piece of item

Personalization and marking of employee clothing

We suggest you decorate your clothing with computer embroidery or print. This will give you unique clothing that will support creation of your company brand and will also help you identify your employees.

We guarantee high quality and durability of imprints and embroidery. We provide a very accurate representation of the details of corporate logos.

Embroidery, patches, emblems

Computer embroidery in our specialty. We work on all types of surface, including: fabrics, knitwear, leather, jute, tulle felt. The technology we use guarantees the reproduction of even the smallest details of graphic designs.
The high quality of our services is provided due, among other things, to the use of the best Burudan and Tajima embroidery machines. Taking care of the quality of executed orders, we only use top quality supplies, including rich color palette of threads allowing us to create the most sophisticated logos.
Versatile embroidery machinery allows us to carry out the largest quantity of orders.

Thermal method printing

We offer print application on the clothes using the thermal method. This is the latest technology within our services, which provides full color reproduction of patterns, including logos. This type of printing is resistant to high temperature industrial laundry and guarantees durability through a large number of washing cycles.

We endorse you to label workwear and protective clothing using the thermal method.